If you are a Canadian, Project of Heart is for you. Even if you are not Canadian, but you want to know the true history of the Indian Residential School system in Canada, you can use Project of Heart.

These are some of the people and groups that have told us that Project of Heart is for them:

  • Teachers who want to know the truth and to inspire their own students to seek truth and take positive action in our society
  • College and university classes
  • Families who want to become more aware, respectful and engaged neighbors and community members
  • Faith and church groups that want to acknowledge the wrongs of the past and build a better future
  • Intergenerational survivors who want to learn more about the history that has brought them, their families and communities to the legacy that they are dealing with today
  • Court workers, corrections workers and law enforcement personnel who want to better understand and support the people that they serve
  • ANYONE who wants to know the TRUTH behind the reality that First Nation, Métis and Inuit people are faced with today and to work together to MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE